Stained Glass Hummingbird

Stained glass hummingbird: a beautiful addition to doorways, windows and cabinets.

Hummingbird stained glass, in it’s various decorative forms is a vibrant medium which can enrich any space. With their colorful plumage ranging from emerald to vermillion, hummingbirds are as showy as flower blossoms and these stained glass hummingbird works of art will be a colorful, treasured addition to any home decor.

Hummingbird stained glass Product Description

These beautiful pieces of hummingbird stained glass are hand painted in America’s heartland – in brilliantly colored crystalline, translucent and frosted lacquers that capture all the beauty and hand made appeal of traditional stained glass. Even the zinc frames are hand soldered. No two pieces are ever alike, making each stained glass hummingbird art glass piece truly unique – the characteristic of all fine hand crafted gift items.

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I hope you find some hummingbird stained glass to add a touch of beauty to your home.

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