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Baughman Enterprises

producer of the “A Bird In The Hand”  video series

(the video series dedicated to maximizing your backyard bird-feeding enjoyment)

 Hello!.…. my name is Michael Baughman and my video production company Baughman Enterprises is the producer of the    “A Bird In The Hand” video series.

 The goal of this video series is to: ….. teach everyone how to enjoy the thrill and excitement of hand-feeding their own backyard birds ….. and be able to do it as quickly and easily as possible!

 My interest in hand-feeding my backyard birds all started about seven years ago, one cold Sunday morning in late November. I was slowly walking across the backyard to fill my feeder when suddenly! ….. a tiny bird quickly fluttered down from the tree where my feeder was hanging. I was startled …..  as the tiny bird seemed to make an attempt to land on my leg.

 Just as quickly as it had appeared, the tiny bird disappeared back up into the tree branches overhead. I continued to the feeder and was filling it, when the tiny bird returned, landing just a few feet from my head. I watched in amazement at just how close the bird was to me, seemingly not worried at all about my presence. He seemed intent only on getting the next bite to eat ….. which it did just as soon as I was out of the way.

 I didn’t have to back away but a few feet, before the tiny bird was at the feeder, grabbing a sunflower seed. I watched the bird from this close distance, make several more trips to the feeder. Then I got the idea to see if I could get the tiny bird to take a seed out of my hand.

So I emptied all the seed out of the feeder and stood next to the feeder. With my hand outstretched along the end of the feeder, I put a few sunflower seeds into the palm of my hand and waited.

In just a few moments the tiny bird returned to a tree branch close to the feeder to look things over. The bird seemed to be studying the situation for a few moments. Then, once he decided that I posed no threat, he flew on over to the far end of the feeder. From there, the bird once again studied the situation a few more moments. Before long he realized that the only seeds left were the ones in my hand at the far end of the feeder.

Using quick side to side movements of his body, while bobbing his head up and down, (to get a view from every possible angle), the tiny bird made a decision. With three quick hops across the feeder, he quickly snatched a seed from my hand and was gone.

I didn’t even realize until later, how cold my fingers had become ….. all I seemed to sense was a warm glow that seemed to envelop my body, as a smile stretched wider and wider across my face. I had been bitten by the hand-feeding bug!

At that time, I didn’t know a Chickadee from a Nuthatch. But I soon purchased an identification guide and learned that the small bird was a Red-breasted Nuthatch. I never saw that Red-breasted Nuthatch at the feeder again that Winter, but I was determined to try and hand-feed the rest of the birds in my backyard.

Needless to say, the ease with which I was able to hand-feed that first Nuthatch would not be repeated with any of the other birds in my backyard. I could only guess that someone must have previously spent a great deal of time to teach that bird to hand-feed.

From that day on, until the present, I have devoted my time to developing methods by which hand-feeding my other backyard birds could be just as quick and just as easy as that very first time.

The results of that effort over the last 7 years has been the “A Bird In The Hand” video series. Anyone that uses these videos will be able to hand-feed their own backyard birds just as quickly and just as easily as I hand-fed that very first Nuthatch.

In these videos you will learn several simple techniques. When put to use, these techniques will quickly train your backyard birds to hand-feed for you. Then, just as I did with that first Nuthatch, on your very first attempt at hand-feeding, within minutes, you will be enjoying all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding your own backyard birds!

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