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If you’re looking for hummingbird jewelry, is your one stop place to shop, with over 4,600 items to choose from. You won’t find a bigger or better selection anywhere. So click on the link and go to, to the biggest selection of hummingbird necklaces, hummingbird pendants, hummingbird rings, hummingbird earrings and any piece of beautiful hummingbird jewelry you can think of.

Click on the link to find sterling silver hummingbird jewelry , such as this beautiful hummingbird pendant necklace. This hummingbird necklace sells for $28.99.

Click on this link if it’s gold hummingbird jewelry that your looking for, such as this 14K Gold Hummingbird Flower Dangle Earrings Jewelry. There are 424 pieces of gold jewelry to choose from at These pieces of gold hummingbird jewelry sell for  $179.99.

There are 35 items of gold plated hummingbird jewelry. Here is a beautiful gold plated and vitreous hand enameled hummingbird pin or brooch for $34.99.


Amazon has one piece of platinum hummingbird jewelry. It’s this beautiful platinum hummingbird brooch that goes for $568.68. has 28 pieces of stainless steel hummingbird jewelry, like this Tattooed Steel “Secret Garden” Humming Bird Stainless Steel Cuff, that sells for $6495.

Hummingbird Necklaces

Hummingbird necklaces and pendants are probably the most popular hummingbird jewelry items. A search for the term  hummingbird necklace at will turn up 529 necklaces to choose from. Below is a small sample of the hummingbird necklaces that you will find. Click on the link to go to to see the full selection of necklaces. There you will find gold necklaces, gold plated, sterling silver, stainless steel as well as copper hummingbird necklaces.


Guy Harvey Jewelry Hummingbird Necklace Sterling Silver on Box Chain

Hummingbird Earrings

Another popular jewelry item is hummingbird earrings. Amazon has almost 500 types of hummingbird earrings to choose from. The earrings also come in gold, gold plated, sterling silver, stainless steel, brass and copper. Below is a selection of the many earrings you will find there. Click on the link hummingbird earrings to go to so see the full selection of hummingbird earrings.


Hummingbird Rings

Another type of hummingbird jewelry is a hummingbird ring. A search for hummingbird rings will turn up 61 different rings to choose from. Once again, there are gold and gold plated rings, sterling silver rings, stainless steel and brass rings. Among the rings you will find a toe rings, belly rings and a two finger hummingbird ring. They have rings with opal inlays, crystals, topaz and multicolor amber hummingbird rings.

Below is a sample of the rings you will find at For the full selection of hummingbird rings, click on the link to go to


Hummingbird Lockets

A hummingbird locket is another kind of hummingbird jewelry that you might be interested in seeing. There are 20 different hummingbird lockets to choose from. There are some really beautiful 14K gold lockets to choose from. Below is a sample of the hummingbird lockets to be found at To see the full selection, click on the link.


Hummingbird Bracelets

Hummingbird bracelets are another type of popular hummingbird jewelry. Amazon carries 313 hummingbird bracelets. There are gold and gold plated bracelets as well as sterling silver, stainless steel and copper hummingbird bracelets. Regular bracelets as well as charm bracelets can be found there. Below is a sample of hummingbird bracelets that can be found there. To see the full selection, click on the link


Hummingbird bracelet by Kwakwaka’wakw artist Harold Alfred

Hummingbird bracelet by Native American Indian artist Harold Alfred

Hummingbird Lapel Pins

 A search for hummingbird lapel pins on will yield 10 results.

Here is one of those lapel pins, a gold plated and vitreous hand enameled hummingbird lapel pin or scatter pin. A beautifully styled item catching this superb bird in flight.

Hummingbird Jewelry Boxes

A hummingbird jewelry box makes a beautiful storage place for your hummingbird jewelry or any jewelry that you might have. There are many different, beautiful hummingbird jewelry boxes to choose from. Regular and musical jewelry boxes can be found there. Wooden jewelry boxes as well as hand painted glass and porcelain jewelry boxes are available. You can even find hummingbird pill boxes. Below is a small selection of the hummingbird jewelry boxes that you will find. To see the complete collection at, click on the link.


As you can see, with over 2700 different hummingbird jewelry items to choose from, such as necklaces and pendants, earrings, finger and belly rings, bracelets, lockets and hummingbird jewelry boxes, is the place to go for all your hummingbird jewelry needs.

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