Hummingbird Seasonal Feeding Patterns-where did the Hummers go?


By Michael Baughman

This is the way it usually happens:

  1. you may see lots of Hummingbirds at your feeder as the migration starts
  2. you will continue to see activity at your feeder as the Hummingbirds that decide to stay in your area continue to use your feeder
  3. feeder activity drops way off
  4. feeder activity picks up and you see more Hummingbirds than ever

You may see lots of Hummingbirds at your feeder as migrating birds on their way north stop over to use your feeder. Then as the migration ends you might see decreased feeder activity as the migrating Hummingbirds  are gone and only the Hummingbirds that have decided to stay in your area are left to use your feeder.

Then sometime around the middle of May, depending on your location, the nesting season will begin. Now the female Humming birds will start nesting and may disappear from your feeder. The spot they choose to nest may not be close to your feeder. They will spend most of their time catching insects and spiders to feed their young and won’t be straying far from their nesting territory.

The male birds that are still using your feeder may even be seen less frequently as more and more plants start to bloom for them to feed on. I know that when my honeysuckle vines are blooming the Hummingbirds don’t hardly use my feeders at all.

Then when the young birds are old enough to leave the nest, you will once again have lots of Humming birds at your feeder as the females return with their babies.

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