When Your Hummingbird Feeder Breaks

By Marge Snow

We’ve all experienced it. You buy a cute little hummingbird feeder, and one day it falls and the glass bottle breaks. You may think that all is lost, but hold on for just a second. You can fix that hummingbird feeder with things you have around your home.You might try and piece the bottle back together with glue. But that usually isn’t a good option. Bottles usually break into too many small pieces. But look closely at the opening on the bottle. Chances are it’s the same size as the mouth on a soda bottle. If so, then you have a chance at saving your prized feeder.You need to use a standard sized soda bottle. Don’t try one of the big gulp type bottles or anything with a large opening. One thing that I’ve found, is that a lot of water bottles you find not only have the right sized opening, but a flat bottom as well. These can keep the top part of your feeder from drooping to one side. But that all depends on the style and shape of your feeder.

First the easy part. The bottom of the bird feeder. That’s part that the bottle screws into and where your hummingbirds drink the nectar. The soda bottle should screw right into it. The top part is a little trickier. If the decorative top of your humming bird feeder has a hole in it for a wire, great. If not, you’ll need to drill one in it. Now find yourself a little piece of wire, but make sure it will fit through the hole in the feeders top. Glue one end to the bottom of your soda bottle. If you use hot glue, make sure you don’t accidentally melt a hole in the plastic bottle. When the glue dries, run the other end of the wire up through the top of your feeder and make a little loop. There you have it, it’s that simple. Hang the feeder from the loop, and your feeder had been saved from the trash heap.

Copyright 2006 Marge Snow

About the Author: Marge is a crafter of many years. Along with crafting, she enjoys working in her garden. In her spare time she’s an active contributor to My Arts and Crafts (www.myartsandcrafts.com). And don’t forget to visit her blog at margesnow.blogspot.com

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