Video# 6

“How To Hand-Feed Your Backyard Squirrels”

(approx.30 – minute color)  


You can now enjoy all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding your own backyard Squirrels!!!

In only a few days…..using the easy technique taught in this video, you will be having the time of your life….. as your backyard Squirrels walk right up to you and feed right out of your bare hand!


Watch the full instructional video here: “How To Hand-Feed Your Backyard Squirrels”





hand-feeding a Squirrel



There is no doubt…..the most fun and excitement you will ever have in your own backyard…..will be hand-feeding your own backyard Squirrels !!!  And this video will teach you a quick, easy way to do just that… only a few days !!!






In this video you will learn :

bullet what food to use to bring the Squirrels in close enough for you to hand-feed them

bullet how to get the Squirrels used to you…..without you even having to be in the yard to do it

bullet an easy way to get the Squirrels to climb up into your lap so you can hand-feed them

bullet how to keep the Squirrels feeding out of your hand for a long period of time… increase your hand-feeding enjoyment

hand-feeding a Squirrel                           hand-feeding a Squirrel

And…. as in all the “A Bird In The Hand” videos…..anyone you choose…. will be able to take your place and immediately enjoy all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding your Squirrels also !!!

hand-feeding a Squirrel

My wife Gloria used my technique….and now she has all the Squirrels in the neighborhood rushing to our yard to take peanuts out of her hand !






below is an excerpt from the video

Start today on “How To Hand-Feed Your Backyard Squirrels” …..and in only a few days all these thrills and excitements will be yours to enjoy again and again ! 

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