Video# 5

“How To Hand-Feed Hummingbirds   Part – 2”

(30 – minutes color) 

In  “How To Hand-Feed Hummingbirds    Part-2”  you will learn an easy technique that will quickly have you hand-feeding your Hummingbirds through an open window of your home….

in only a very short time!!!

bullet I want you to feel the breeze from a Hummingbird’s wings as it hovers above your hand

bullet I want you to feel the tickle of a Hummingbird’s tongue as it takes the nectar out of your bare hand

bullet I want you to hear the loud hum from a Hummingbird’s wings when they’re only inches from your face

bullet I want you to experience the special joy you get the very first time a Hummingbird sits in your hand

Hummingbird sitting on finger

Feeding through a window of your home is the quickest and easiest way to teach your Hummingbirds to hand-feed.Mainly because all that they will see of you will be your hand sticking out the window beside the feeder and your face in the window.






Another advantage of feeding through a window is that it will be easier to enjoy those heavy early morning feeding periods. You won’t have to rush around to get dressed and go outside to hand-feed your Hummingbirds. If you like…….you can even hand-feed your Hummingbirds in your pajamas!

Here’s the complete instructional video-“How To Hand-Feed Hummingbirds   Part – 2”

In this video you will learn :

bullet how to use a Hummingbird feeder to attract Hummingbirds close enough to hand-feed them through a window

bullet how to use potted Hummingbird flowers or hanging baskets of flowers to help attract Hummingbirds to your feeder

bullet how to quickly get the Hummingbirds used to seeing you at the window

bullet how to quickly get the Hummingbirds to move from the Hummingbird feeder to your bare hand to feed!

You just can’t imagine what a thrill it will be to see a Hummingbird up close as it feeds out of your hand …… or to be able to hear the loud hum of their wings as they hover over your hand to feed.

Hummingbird sitting in hand

And the greatest thrill of all….. will be the first time a Hummingbird actually sits on your hand !!!







Hummingbird feeding out of hand

By using the easy technique taught in this video all these thrills and more…..will soon be yours to enjoy. And as in all the “A Bird In The Hand” videos….anyone else can take your place and immediately enjoy hand-feeding your Hummingbirds also!







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