How To Hand-Feed Downy Woodpeckers And Other Suet Eating Birds

“How To Use A Suet Feeder To Hand-Feed Woodpeckers  And  Other Backyard Birds”

(approx. 30-minutes)  

Birds will be  in your hand…..feeding for minutes at a time…..before leaving.

Using this video you will quickly teach Downy Woodpeckers and other suet eating birds to feed on a piece of suet from your hand, instead of just taking seed from your hand.

There are several reasons why we would want to do this. If you don’t already have Downy Woodpeckers in your yard, suet is their favorite food and will help attract them into the yard.

If you do have Downy woodpeckers using your feeder, but are having trouble getting them to take seed out of your hand, using a suet cake (which is their favorite food), is by far the easiest way to condition a Downy Woodpecker to hand-feed.

And the major reason why I like to use a suet cake is because the birds will be in your hand a lot longer when feeding from a suet cake.

For example, if you are feeding with nuts and sunflower seeds, the birds will usually hop into your hand, grab a seed or nut and fly away fairly quickly. But, if you are using a piece of suet to hand-feed, the birds will stay in your hand a lot longer as they eat the suet and peck away at the seed or nuts embedded in the suet. I regularly have Downy Woodpeckers feeding from my hand for as long as two or three minutes before leaving.

hand-feeding Downy Woodpecker                                hand-feeding Downy Woodpecker



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So to demonstrate this technique, I will be using Downy Woodpeckers, but other easy to hand-feed birds such as Tufted Titmice, Red-breasted Nuthatches, White-breasted Nuthatches and Chickadees will also feed on suet.

But, when Spring arrives and natural food sources become more plentiful, these other easy to hand-feed birds will be visiting your feeder less and less frequently. You won’t have many opportunities to hand-feed them again until the next fall, when natural food sources once again become scarce and the birds return to your feeder.

On the other hand, because Downy Woodpeckers seem to love suet above anything else, they will tend to stay close to your feeder all year long. You will be able to feed them right through the nice days of Summer when other birds won’t be using your feeder nearly as much.

For the Downy Woodpeckers that use my feeder, the only exception has been for a period of about a month during the nesting season. During this period (usually around the month of May in my area), you might only see a Woodpecker at the feeder once or twice during the day.

But, they more than make up for their absence when they bring their young back to the feeder with them. This usually happens in my area about the first part of June. Then, I will have 4 or 5 Downy woodpeckers to hand-feed!

hand-feeding 2 Downy Woodpeckers at same time

What a thrill you will have when you have 2 or 3 Downy Woodpeckers feeding out of your hand at the same time!








In this video you will learn :

the best kind of suet cake to use

bullet how to use my quick, easy technique, that will take the birds from the feeder to your hand to feed

bullet how to easily train the birds to hand-feed, without you even having to be in the yard to do it

bullet how to be successful on your very first attempt at hand-feeding

bullet how anyone you choose, such as family or friends, will also be able to hand-feed your birds on their very first attempt

Because Downy Woodpeckers are a common feeder bird, are constantly available to hand-feed and because they love suet and thus will be in your hand a long time…….for all these reasons, Downy Woodpeckers have become one of my favorite birds to hand-feed.

  By the time you have put this tape to use and have enjoyed the results that this tape will make possible…..they will probably become one of your favorite birds to hand-feed also.


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