How To Hand-Feed Backyard Birds

“Now Anyone Can Hand-Feed Their Own Backyard Birds”  

( 47- minutes color video)  

This new video will guide you step-by-step through the quick, easy technique that will open up a whole new world of fun and excitement….. that the whole family can enjoy.    

  Youwill be having more fun than you could ever imagine…..and you won’t even have to leave your own backyard !

Watch the full instructional video below


In this video you will learn :

bullet the thrill and excitement of hand-feeding your own backyard birds…..using the new, quick, easy technique taught in this video, gone are the days when almost super human perseverance and patience were needed to bring a wild bird to the hand to feed. Now anyone who has the desire can enjoy all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding their wild backyard birds. Using this method, the only hard part of teaching your birds to hand-feed  is actually getting your birds into the yard and feeding on a regular basis. Once that is accomplished, all you need to do is follow the easy step-by-step technique and hand-feeding success is guaranteed!

bullet how to hand-feed in less time than ever before possible .…..  no longer is a person required to spend weeks or months in an attempt to condition their backyard birds to hand-feed. First, get the right birds feeding at your feeder on a regular basis. Then start the quick, easy method described in this video and in 6 or 7 short days, you can be hand-feeding your own backyard birds.

bullet how to hand-feed with less effort than ever before possible ..….. traditional methods of teaching bird to hand-feed require tremendous amounts of effort to be successful. You must be in the yard early in the morning when birds are most active, and be there at other times during the day when birds are at your feeder. And when you are there, you must be as still and quiet as possible. You will eventually inch your way closer and closer to the birds, day by day. Then over a long period of time the birds will gradually let you get close enough to attempt hand-feeding. Doesn’t sound like much fun does it. My method will be conditioning the birds to hand-feed for you, without you even having to be in the yard. Once you have completed the quick, easy technique described in this video, the birds will be ready and waiting for you to come into the yard to hand-feed them. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

bullet how to attract the easiest to hand-feed birds

bullet how to hand-feed one of the more difficult to hand-feed birds….the Blue Jay

bullet the best time of the year to hand-feed

bullet how to determine the best time of the day to hand-feed

bullet what kind of feeder to use to attract a wide variety of birds

bullet the best kind of seed mix to use that will attract the easiest to hand-feed birds

bullet what to add to your feeder that’s irresistible to Blue Jays

bullet how to choose the best spot to hang your feeder

bullet how to get around a birds natural fear of people, quickly and easily…..there are three major obstacles that must be overcome before a bird will drop his guard and come to your hand to feed. Use the method described in this video and these obstacles are quickly overcome.

bullet how to teach the birds to hand-feed without you even having to be in the yard… will be teaching your birds to hand-feed while you are watching television, spending time on your hobbies, using your computer or anything else that you might be doing. The birds will even be learning to hand-feed early in the morning while you are still in bed sleeping.It just can’t possibly get any easier than that!

bullet why this method is so much quicker and easier than the traditional method… much quicker and easier, that now, anyone will be able to hand-feed their own backyard birds… can be hand-feeding in 6 or 7 days, instead of 6 or 7 weeks or more. This method doesn’t require you to be in the yard at all to teach your birds to hand-feed. The traditional method requires you to be in your yard as much as possible. This method doesn’t require you to endure cold, nasty weather to be successful. The traditional method works the best during the worst of weather conditions.

bullet how family and friends can also enjoy hand-feeding your backyard birds…..once your birds are trained to feed out of your hand, anyone who takes your place will immediately be able to enjoy all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding your backyard birds also.

Blue Jay hand-feeding

The very first time I sat in my backyard to try my new technique……in a matter of minutes, I had Blue Jays swooping across the yard to take peanuts out of my hand!







Then as other birds such as Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatches, White-breasted Nuthatches and Downy Woodpeckers  started using the feeder, just as with the Blue Jays,in only a matter of minutes…..I was hand-feeding them as well.

You too can now experience this same hand-feeding excitement. Just use my quick, easy technique and in just a few days, your birds will be trained to hand-feed (without you even having to be in the yard to do it). Then when you sit in your backyard with the right combination of bird foods in your hand (which you will learn in the video), in just a matter of minutes, your backyard birds will be flying to your hand to feed!

Start today and in just a few days, you will be well on your way to enjoying all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding your own backyard birds!

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