Where Do Hummingbirds Sleep

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Hummingbirds will find a favorite perching spot, where they feel safe, to sleep. Usually in a bush or tree, where they will perch on a branch. They especially like to use thick trees or bushes, such as a fur tree, because these will provide protection from the elements while the hummingbird sleeps.

If the hummingbird is a female hummingbird that has young babies that are still too young to take care of themselves, she will sleep on the nest.

Sometimes when sleeping perched on a branch, the hummingbird will loosen it’s grip slightly, which causes it to turn upside down on the branch. These upside down birds are sometimes mistaken for dead birds because of their upside down position. When found in this state they may not even respond to your touch. They should just be left alone until they return to their normal state on their own, usually when the sun comes up and warms their bodies. It may take as much as an hour for the hummingbirds to fully recover from this hibernation like state called torpor.

below is a video on where do hummingbirds sleep:

Here you can see a hummingbird that is actually hanging upside down from a branch.

Here is another where do hummingbirds sleep video. This hummingbird is actually sleeping, hanging upside down from the feeder.

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