Video# 7

“How To Hand-Feed Wrens And Other Insect Eating Birds”

(approx. 30-minutes color DVD)


In this video you will learn how to quickly teach your insect eating birds to feed out of your  bare hand. Backyard birds that aren’t attracted to a seed feeder such as House Wrens, Carolina Wrens,   Blue Birds etc.…..can be attracted to a meal worm  feeder and  quickly taught to hand feed.


This video will show you step-by-step how I quickly taught a House Wren that was nesting in my yard to hand-feed.

just a few of the things you will learn In this video:

bullet how to attract insect eating birds into your yard

bullet how to quickly and easily make a simple meal worm feeder out of a  2-liter plastic pop bottle

bullet where to get meal worms delivered right to your door

bullet an easy technique that will quickly teach the birds to feed out of your hand


Here’s the complete instructional video

I have a pair of House Wrens that have  nested in my backyard for the last few years. So this year I decided to see If I could get them to feed out of my hand.








Since they are insect eating birds and don’t visit my seed feeder, I got some meal worms and made a simple feeder out of a plastic bottle.








Then I devised a quick, easy technique that had the Wren feeding out of my hand …… and it only took about 2-hours time !








As in all the “A Bird In The Hand” videos….. once your birds are trained to feed out of your hand…..anyone can take your place and immediately enjoy all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding your birds also.

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