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Show your love of hummingbirds by wearing a hummingbird pendant.


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Here’s the largest most complete selection of hummingbird pendants and hummingbird necklaces that you will find. If you’re looking for a hummingbird pendant or hummingbird necklace, here you will find many stiles and colors of pendants to choose from. For any hummingbird lovers, a hummingbird pendant or necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to wear and a hummingbird pendant also makes the perfect gift for any bird lover.

The first and only stop you have to make when searching for hummingbird necklaces or hummingbird jewelry of any kind, is They have thousands of  jewelry items and the biggest selection of hummingbird jewelry you can find, over 2,700 items.

Hummingbird pendants and hummingbird necklaces come in many styles and colors, ranging from sterling silver, white gold and gold plated hummingbird pendants to multicolor hummingbird art glass pendants. There are also many styles of beautiful hummingbird lockets to choose from. If your looking for one of the more expensive, exquisite hummingbird pendants,  you will find some of the pendants that also come with diamonds. Since hummingbird pendants are quite popular, you will find hummingbird pendants to satisfy every taste and every budget. has the largest collection of almost a thousand hummingbird pendants and necklaces to choose from. Just click on the link hummingbird pendant and you will be taken to to their pendant and necklace pages where you can browse through the many different styles and colors of pendants and necklaces that they have to offer. Ckeck out the sample selection of pendants and necklaces below or click on the links to see the full selection at

Hummingbird Pendants

If you’re looking for a gold hummingbird necklace, pendant or gold hummingbird locket, click on this link gold hummingbird pendant. There are over 60 necklaces to choose from. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold and two tone gold hummingbird necklaces can all be found here.

hummingbird pendant

Gold Hummingbird Pendant, Black Hills

$329.99  click here

Click on this link to see a  gold plated hummingbird pendant.

sterling silver hummingbird pendant

Click on this link to  find over one hundred sterling silver  hummingbird pendants to choose from.

A Delightful Little Hummingbird Pendant in

Sterling Silver $35.00

Gold Coin Hummingbird Pendant Necklace

This item is a pure 24K gold clad hummingbird penny set in a 24K gold clad pendant. Hummingbird pendant with a 24k gold layered legal tender hummingbird coin mounted inside.old Coin Hummingbird Pendant Necklace

Gold tone Hummingbird Pendant

Features an authentic one-cent “hummingbird” coin from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago lavishly layered with pure 24-kt. gold. A collectible treasure suspended from a 24″ chain of 24-kt. gold-plated brass. Certificate of authenticity is included.


Hoop Hummingbird Pendant

glass and sterling silver – 16″ chain

The Southwestern desert wilderness inspires much of award-winning designer Fritz Casuse’s artwork. Painting from New Mexico’s vibrant color palette, Casuse infuses this sculptural treasure with gems of green variscite, blue-green turquoise, red coral, blue lapis, and golden citrine. The structure of the pendant is crafted from highly polished sterling silver in an openwork design that depicts garden flowers, a butterfly, a drop of nectar, and at its center a hummingbird in flight.

Hummingbird on Box Necklace Full Color Pink Enamel Bright Finish Sterling Silver … will find a similar necklace below the video

Guy Harvey hummingbird pendant

Guy Harvey Hummingbird Pendant / Necklace

Price: $434.00

From Guy Harvey, this sterling silver lariat style box hummingbird pendant features a full color pink enamel bright finish hummingbird design on a 25mm relic coin medallion, with the Guy Harvey signature insignia on the reverse side. The necklace is adjustable to 26 inches in length.

This selection from the Guy Harvey Signature Collection comes complete with a Guy Harvey Signature velvet pouch, collectors edition box, and certificate of authenticity. A portion of all sales will be given to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.


Guy Harvey Jewelry:  Sterling Silver Hummingbird Pendant With a Box Chain … you will find a similar pendant below this video.

Guy Harvey hunmmingbird pendant

Guy Harvey  Hummingbird Cable Chain Pendant

Price: $119.90

From Guy Harvey, this sterling silver necklace features a hummingbird pendant design on a 15mm relic coin medallion. Medallion is suspended from an 18 inch cable chain with a ‘GH’ insignia hangtag.

This selection from the Guy Harvey Signature Collection comes complete with a Guy Harvey Signature velvet pouch, collectors edition box, and certificate of authenticity. A portion of all sales will be given to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Once you have purchased your hummingbird pendant or necklace, you may  want to accent it with some beautiful matching hummingbird earrings. Amazon has a huge selection to choose from.

Hummingbird Earrings

Amazon also has a huge selection of hummingbird earrings, the perfect compliment to wear with your hummingbird pendant. With search results of almost 500 pairs of hummingbird earrings, you won’t have any trouble finding something that you like. Below is a small sampling of the many beautiful pairs of hummingbird earrings that you will find at


Hummingbird Bracelets

If you happen to be in the market for hummingbird bracelets to wear with your hummingbird pendant or earrings, Amazon also has a fantastic selection of hummingbird bracelets, starting around $15.00 and going up to over $12,00.00 in price.

Below is a small sample of the many beautiful hummingbird bracelets that you will find at


Hummingbird Jewelry Box

Also, has some of the most beautiful hummingbird jewelry boxes to store your hummingbird pendant, earrings and bracelet in. Below are just a few of the many beautiful hummingbird jewelry boxes that you will find at Please click on the above link to see the full selection.



You can click on any of the links and you will go to where you will see the largest selection of hummingbird pendants and other hummingbird jewelry.

Hummingbird Rings follow this link to see a great selection of hummingbird rings to wear with your hummingbird pendant.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the hummingbird pendant.

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