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If you’re looking for a hummingbird jewelry box, is your one stop place to shop, with hundreds of  hummingbird jewelry boxes to choose from. You won’t find a bigger or better selection anywhere. So click on one of the links and go to, to the biggest selection of hummingbird jewelry boxes, hummingbird pendants, hummingbird rings, hummingbird earrings and any piece of hummingbird jewelry you could want.

A hummingbird jewelry box comes in many stiles and shapes.There are round glass hand painted hummingbird jewelry boxes as well as rectangular beveled glass jewelry boxes. There are wooden jewelry boxes that are also music boxes.

wooden hummingbird music, jewelry box

Here is a Beautiful Large Hummingbird Music Jewelry Box with 18 Note Musical Movement for $89.99


wood and leather jewelry box

Here is a beautiful wood and leather hummingbird jewelry box that sells for $127.95



hummingbird jewelry box

Round hummingbird 3-D trinket or pill box

with Swarovski Crystals

This hummingbird jewelry box sells for $39.25


Product Details

There are also many beautiful heart shaped jewelry boxes to be found at

Amia Heart Shaped Handpainted Glass Columbine and Hummingbird hinged jewelry box , 2-1/2-Inch by 1-1/4-Inch by 2-1/2-Inch   $13.00


hummingbird jewelry box

Here’s a beautiful jewelry organizer with a 3-D hummingbird on top.

Purple Hummingbird Top Jewelry Box , Jewelry Boxes  $35.00 has the largest selection of hummingbird jewelry boxes you will find. Click on the link to go there now and see their wonderful selection of hummingbird jewelry boxes. also has the largest selection of hummingbird jewelry as well. Click on the link to see their ,over 3,000 pieces of beautiful hummingbird jewelry.

Included in that huge selection of hummingbird jewelry, you will find almost 600 hummingbird necklaces. Gold, gold plated, sterling silver necklaces , stainless steel and copper hummingbird necklaces will be included in the necklace pages. Click here to go to the hummingbird necklace pages at

What jewelry box would be complete without hummingbird earrings? Click the link and you will see almost 500 pairs of hummingbird earrings that are available at Amazon’s huge store. Hummingbird finger rings and belly rings are also available.

Don’t forget hummingbird bracelets and hummingbird charm bracelets, of which there are over 340 bracelets to choose from.


Here’s a video on how to make your own vintage jewelry box. Add a hummingbird picture and you’ll have a hummingbird jewelry box.

Go to now, and see the greatest selection of hummingbird jewelry boxes and all the wonderful hummingbird jewelry, that Amazon has in stock!


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