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Try a Hummingbird House to Attract Hummingbirds


Nothing can be more enjoyable than watching a hummingbird building it’s humming bird house. These hummingbird houses will help attract them to a spot where you will be able to watch the female building the humming bird house and then be able to watch her raise her young.

hummingbird house

A hummingbird house isn’t a birdhouse in the traditional sense. A regular bird house is too confining. The picture on the left is what is referred to as a hummingbird house. There are twohummingbird homes in each package, so that you have twice the chance to attract a hummingbird.







Hummingbird House Video

Watch this video to see the hummingbird house.

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The perfect location for the hummingbird bird house is under the eaves of your house. This is high enough off the ground to keep away predators and it will also  protect the hummingbirds houses from the wind.

This hummingbird house has shapes and angles just like the branches of trees and shrubs, where hummingbird nests are usually built. The branches of the hummingbird birdhouse are designed to the dimensions that have proven to make nest building in the hummingbird bird house, extremely desirable for the hummingbirds. It also comes with a small bundle of natural cotton for the hummingbird to use in constructing her nest inside humming bird house.

If you place one of these hummingbird houses in a safe location, like under the eave of your house, or under the roof of a porch,  that is sheltered from the wind , a female hummingbird may decide to build a nest right before your very eyes!

Sometimes, once the hummingbirds have built a nest, they will use the nest over again. Other species, will build a nest right on top of the other nest. Once they find a good location, they are like to return to it the following year to nest again.

hummingbird bird house

Here is a different style of hummingbird house.

Duncraft Hummingbird Nester  

Price: $29.95

Our cute “hummingbird house” gives hummers a platform where they can build their nest of lichens and spider webs.

Nesting material is provided under a protective roof and “landing leaves” mimic a natural setting for beautiful hummingbirds.

Made with durable recycled plastic for years of use. Two pre-drilled holes with included screws let you mount the house in a protected location, preferably under an eave or under a covered porch.

Place your hummingbird house in a location that receives little or no wind. Equipped with two flexible anchors that hummers can weave their nest around to keep it firmly in place.

Green and gray recycled plastic, includes nesting cotton behind a screen at the back of the house. House measures 5 x 3-1/4 x 6 inches high, not including 5 inch long landing branch.



If a hummingbird happens to use your hummingbird house to build her nest in, don’t touch the nest, it will leave your scent on the nest which might attract predators and lead them to the nest. Keep your distance so as not to interfere with her nesting in the hummingbird house.

A hummingbird birdhouse is a great way to attract a hummingbird in close where you can observe the nest building and watch up close as she rears her young.

Hummingbird House, Set of 2

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Below is some nesting material the you can purchase to help assist the hummingbird in building it’s hummingbird birdhouse.

bullet Ready to hang

bullet Nesting material is made from high quality natural materials

bullet Attract hummingbirds, goldfinches, and titmice

bullet Cage is refillable

Hummingbird Helper Cage and Nesting Hummingbird helper helps take the place of lichen in lining the tiny nests. Goldfinches, titmouse, and other birds also use it This is the only material proven to be used by hummingbirds and endorsed by the Hummingbird Society. Includes hanger full of material.Songbird Essentials Hummer Helper Cage & Nesting Material offers safe and natural nesting materials to hummingbirds, encouraging them to nest nearby.

Nesting materials video, for hummingbirds and other backyard birds.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the hummingbird house.

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