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By Robert Thatcher

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Everyone loves to watch Hummingbirds as they dart among the bright flowers in our gardens. Besides nectar from flowers hummingbirds enjoy eating insects and drinking nectar syrup from Humming bird feeders. With over 18 different species of Hummingbirds in America itself, there is always the chance that you’ll see 2 or more types flitting in the flowers.

As Hummingbirds eat more than half their body weight daily having humming bird feeders placed at different spots in your garden can help them in their constant quest for food. There are varieties of Humming bird feeders that you can display in your garden. You can have functional feeders which are only for the purpose of feeding Hummingbirds or you can create a stunning landscape with decorative Humming bird feeders placed in various designs, the choice is yours.

A Humming bird feeder from HummZinger can be hung near plants and flowering trees or shrubs that Hummingbirds are generally attracted to. This feeder has yellow flower shaped feeding ports with all around circular perches to let lots of hummingbirds sit and drink nectar from the feeder. It’s made from UV stable polycarbonate, which is considered to be the most durable plastic that is available. The HummZinger Humming bird feeders are also dishwasher safe making it easier to clean them.

Perky Pet Humming bird feeders offer endless designs for you to choose from. Some models come in the shape of strawberries or apples. Their body shape is bright red, which helps to attract the birds’ attention as Hummingbirds love the color red. The green base is drip resistant and it has 3 feeding ports that are in the shape of white flowers. While this feeder doesn’t have any perches for the birds it’s shatterproof and holds about 48oz. of nectar.

Hummingbirds love to drink nectar from the Trumpet vine flower and there are feeders made of glass that are in this shape. The design style is that of a non-turning Ferris Wheel. Each of these Trumpet vine feeding stations have their own perches which are next to the metal baskets that the individual flowers are set in.

There is a Humming bird feeder that is based on an early 1900s perfume bottle. The feeder is made of clear hand blown glass. Each of the feeding stations are in a hexagonal bottle shape. The feeding ports are red flowers to entice the Hummingbirds. Each “perfume” bottle in these Humming bird feeders holds about ½ a cup of nectar.

You then have the Hummingbird Oasis feeder varieties from Perky Pet. These Humming bird feeders have a built-in ant moat that is between the feeding ports and the rod. With 6 feeding stations each has an individual perch and yellow flower feeding port.

Generally the body of most Humming bird feeders is red. This is an invitation to dine in your garden to any hummingbird passing by and attaching more red in various methods will also bring the little birds in droves, bringing a profusion of color to your garden.

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My favorite feeder is the Humzinger Ultra

hummingbird feeder
Aspects 12oz Humzinger Ultra With Nectar Guard

 It’s inexpensive and  has several features that  makes it well worth the price.

The Humzinger has patented Nectar guard tips which are flexible membranes attached to the feed ports that prohibit entry from flying insects, but allow Hummingbirds to feed as usual. The Humzinger also has a built in ant moat that will stop crawling insects from getting to the nectar. It also has raised flower ports that divert rain.

This mid-size nectar feeder has a 12 oz. capacity and can be hung or post mounted with hardware provided. It has four feeding ports for hummingbirds and is made of unbreakable polycarbonate. Easy to clean.

For ease of cleaning and protection from bees, wasps and ants, this feeder can’t be beat.

A good set of small hummingbird feeder brushes is invaluable and will save lots of time, when it comes to keeping your feeder clean.

Product Description
Features: You should wash your feeder every time you refill it. Mold and dirt can build up quickly and can be harmful. Brushes are great for stubborn spots and hard to reach areas. Includes 3 brushes to clean every part of your hummingbird feeder. Brushes clean the stems or opening of the feeder flowers and the sides and bottom of the nectar bottles.



  The first and still the best to protect your Hummingbird and Oriole feeder from ants and other crawling insects. Insert between hanger and feeder and fill with 6 oz. of water, providing a barrier to crawling pests. It is easily mounted with two 3/8″ diameter (open) hangers, plated for excellent weather protection. The TRAP-IT™ is molded of one piece weather resistant plastic.

I hope you enjoyed this article on hummingbird feeders.


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