Hummingbird Feeders – Your Guide to Get Hummingbirds Buzzing Around Your Backyard

By Ty Thomas

bullet Choosing a Hummingbird feeder

bullet Hummingbird Feeders: Sheltering Nature’s Lovely Creatures

bullet Hummingbird Feeders

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bullet Humming Bird Feeders

bullet Hummingbird Feeders – Your Guide to Get Hummingbirds Buzzing Around Your Backyard

bullet All About Humming Bird Feeders

bullet Non-Leaking Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird feeders are usually filled with a mixture of 4 parts water to one part sugar. This mixture should be boiled to ensure all impurities are killed. Any excess can be refrigerated until needed. The mixture should be changed at least once a week and more frequently in very warm weather. You can also find powdered mixtures at your local hardware or bird store which works well.Hummingbirds are wonderfully unique birds to watch. They flutter, hover, dodge, dart and just simply seem to play. However, all that moving around burns a tremendous amount of energy and they need to feed frequently. They literally fly to eat and eat to fly!

Red is very attractive to hummingbirds, so your feeder should have some red in it. Please do not use red food coloring in your homemade food. To color a sugar mixture, find a bird friendly coloring at your local birding store.

Keeping desirable flowers in your garden near the feeder is also helpful in getting those little guys to frequent your feeders. Flowering plants like Columbine, Begonias and Holly Hocks, as well as Fuchsias, Coral Bells and Lantana will definitely increase your chances. Impatiens, Penstemon, and Petunias along with Geraniums and Flowering Tobacco are also favorites of hummingbirds. There are many other types of flowers hummingbirds will frequent.

Be careful putting multiple feeders too close together! Hummingbirds are very territorial and will defend their “turf” to the death.

The best time to start putting out feeders is when the weather starts to warm up. Yes, this is a little vague, but hey, these guys aren’t on a schedule. Since they are migratory birds, you will have a good chance of getting them to hang around if you get your food out early.

I hope you are able to enjoy this little wonders for a long time to come, they truly are wonderous birds.

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My favorite feeder is the Humzinger Ultra
hummingbird feeder
Aspects 12oz Humzinger Ultra With Nectar Guard

 It’s inexpensive and  has several features that  makes it well worth the price.

The Humzinger has patented Nectar guard tips which are flexible membranes attached to the feed ports that prohibit entry from flying insects, but allow Hummingbirds to feed as usual. The Humzinger also has a built in ant moat that will stop crawling insects from getting to the nectar. It also has raised flower ports that divert rain.

This mid-size nectar feeder has a 12 oz. capacity and can be hung or post mounted with hardware provided. It has four feeding ports for hummingbirds and is made of unbreakable polycarbonate. Easy to clean.


A good set of small hummingbird feeder brushes is invaluable and will save lots of time, when it comes to keeping your feeder clean.

Product Description
Features: You should wash your feeder every time you refill it. Mold and dirt can build up quickly and can be harmful. Brushes are great for stubborn spots and hard to reach areas. Includes 3 brushes to clean every part of your hummingbird feeder. Brushes clean the stems or opening of the feeder flowers and the sides and bottom of the nectar bottles.

The first and still the best to protect your Hummingbird and Oriole feeder from ants and other crawling insects. Insert between hanger and feeder and fill with 6 oz. of water, providing a barrier to crawling pests. It is easily mounted with two 3/8″ diameter (open) hangers, plated for excellent weather protection. The TRAP-IT™ is molded of one piece weather resistant plastic.

I hope you enjoyed this article on hummingbird feeders.

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