Hand-feeding hummingbirds


In this hand feeding hummingbirds video you will learn my special technique that will show you how to quickly and easily train your Hummingbirds to feed out of your bare hand. A technique so quick, that in only 2 or 3 hours time .…. you will be hand-feeding Hummingbirds in your own backyard!

This hand feeding hummingbirds video will let you:

bullet I want you to feel the breeze from a Hummingbird’s wings as it hovers above your hand

bullet I want you to feel the tickle of a Hummingbird’s tongue as it takes the nectar out of your bare hand

bullet I want you to hear the loud hum from a Hummingbird’s wings when they’re only inches from your face

bullet I want you to experience the special joy you get the very first time a Hummingbird sits in your hand



 “How To Hand-Feed Hummingbirds” the complete instructional video, watch below

Once you have a Humming bird using your feeder on a regular basis, just apply my quick, easy technique and just as I did, the very first time you sit in your backyard to attempt hand-feeding  in only a matter of minutes you will be enjoying all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding  Hummingbirds!

In how to hand-feed hummingbirds you will learn:

bullet how to attract Humming birds into your yard using a few potted flowers and hanging baskets

bullet what to plant in a small garden to attract Humming birds into your yard

bullet a technique that will move the Humming birds from the feeder to your hand to feed ….. quickly and easily

bullet how anyone you choose can also immediately enjoy all the thrills and excitement of hand-feeding your Humming birds

In the first part of this hand feeding hummingbirds video, you will learn how to increase your chances of attracting Hummingbirds into your yard. I will show you a simple way of attracting Hummingbirds just by adding some potted flowers and hanging baskets, along with your feeder. Or if you have more time and space, I’ll show you what to plant in a small garden to help attract Hummingbirds. I’ll show you a few plants you can use to have a continuous supply of blossoms to attract Hummingbirds into your yard. Plants that will provide blooms from early Spring when the birds first arrive, right up until the time the Humming birds leave in the Fall.

Once you have a Hummingbird using your feeder on a regular basis, I will show you my easy technique that will quickly make the Hummingbirds quit using the feeder and start feeding on food from your bare hand. As simple technique consisting of a few simple steps that can be completed in just a few hours time.

Late one evening towards the end of May, I noticed a female Humming bird at my feeder. I had seen her in the yard occasionally the last several days. Now she was feeding heavily at the feeder. About every fifteen minutes or so she could be seen there feeding. So I decided that early the next morning I would see if I could get her to feed out of my bare hand.

I had already devised a technique to quickly teach my seed-eating birds to  hand-feed. So I thought that by making some changes, I could come up with a different technique that could be used on Hummingbirds. I was anxious to give it a try, so first thing the next morning when the Humming bird showed up at the feeder, I put my new technique into action. In just about two and a half hours time that Hummingbird was feeding out of my bare hand! Yes, I was hand feeding hummingbirds just that quickly!

I applied my technique and just sat back while it quickly trained my Humming bird. Then I sat next to the feeder for the first time and waited for the Humming bird to return. Upon her return to the feeder it was only a few moments before she was feeding out of my hand!

My wife Gloria came into the backyard while I was hand feeding hummingbirds, So I quickly had her take my place next to the feeder. When the Hummingbird returned to the feeder a few minutes later, it was only a few seconds before that bird was feeding out of her hand also!

Gloria hand-feeding hummingbirds from “How To Hand-Feed Hummingbirds” video

This video “How To Hand-Feed Hummingbirds,” will show you that Humming bird as she learns to feed out of my hand and Gloria’s hand for the very first time. You will learn that quick, easy technique that will allow you to easily hand-feed your own backyard Hummingbirds. You will be amazed at just how loud their hum actually is when they are in close feeding out of your hand and how their tongue tickles your hand as they feed.


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