Black Jacobin Hummingbird


The Black Jacobin Hummingbird (Florisuga fusca),is black and white and is fairly large as far as hummingbirds go. It is found in woodlands and gardens in or near the Atlantic Forest of eastern Brazil, Uruguay, eastern Paraguay, and far north-eastern Argentina.

Both males and females are overall black with a shining bronzy-green-tinged back and wing-coverts, and white lower flanks with white in the tail.

The immature Black Jacobin hummingbird has broad cinnamon bands on the sides of the throat.



Black Jacobin Hummingbird pictures

Black Jacobin hummingbird / CC BY-SA 2.0

Black Jacobin Hummingbird picture / CC BY-SA 2.0

Black Jacobin Hummingbird video

Recorded at the Serra dos Tucanos Lodge in the Atlantic rain forest in Brazil in April 2006. This video contains the following hummingbirds: violet-capped woodnymph hummingbird, sombre hummingbird, saw-billed hermit hummingbird & black jacobin hummingbird + bananaquit hummingbird.

For more  photos click the link Black Jacobin hummingbird pictures.


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