Bees and Hummingbird Feeders

Bees and Hummingbird Feeders |Tips For Solving The Problem

What can I use for my bees and hummingbird feeders problem?…answer….Aspect HummZinger Excel Bird Feeder

Bees and hummingbird feeders …….If you have a hummingbird feeder, sooner or later it will also be attracting bees and wasps. Not only are that bees and wasps attracted to the sweet hummingbird nectar in the feeder, they are also attracted to the yellow flowers that are on a lot of hummingbird feeders. Yes, yellow is one color that definitely attracts bees and wasps! If you can’t take off the yellow flowers, you should at least paint them red, for red will not attract bees, but it will help attract the hummingbirds.

If that wasn’t bad enough, bees may even try to nest in your humming bird feeder and they will most assuredly constantly steal the hummingbird nectar that you put in the feeder.  Bees and yellow jackets both have a rather short proboscis (drinking straw) while the hummingbird can reach in a great distance.  If you get something the bees can’t get into and can’t feed from, you’ve won the battle.

Feeder placement can also be used to help solve your bees and hummingbird feeders problem. Bees prefer sunlight, so placing the hummingbird feeder in the shade, can help with the problem of bees and hummingbird feeders.

The actual hummingbird mixture ratio can also help with the bees and hummingbird feeder problem.   A mixture of five parts water to one part sugar is still sweet enough for hummingbirds, but may not be as tasty to bees. Also, hummingbird nectar that has fermented or that has become thick and sticky in the sun will be especially attractive to bees ….another reason to put your feeder in the shade and to change the nectar often.

You can also try taking the feeder down for one day. It is possible that the bees will give up looking for the feeder within this time and will move on in search for other food sources. Whatever you do, don’t put any Vaseline or insecticide or other product on the feeder to keep the bees away—you’ll hurt the hummingbirds more than you’ll hurt the bees.

There is one sure way to keep the bees out of your hummingbird feeder.

Here is the best way to deal with the bees and hummingbird feeders problem…and to also ant proof your hummingbird feeder….. buy the ant moat, ant guard feeder below:

Aspects Hummzinger Excel Hummingird Feeder

The Ultimate Hummingbird Feeder

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Product Description

With its’ beautiful styling and simple cleaning features it is no wonder the HummZinger Mini & Excel is our most popular hummingbird feeders. Engineered of virtually unbreakable UV stabilized polycarbonate with an integrated wrap around perch that encourages hummingbirds to stay and feed longer. A solid brass stem and built-in ant moat add to the Lifetime Guarantee quality of both these models. The HummZinger Excel increases your viewing pleasure by doubling both the nectar capacity and feeding ports. Lifetime Guarantee



Aspect HummZinger Excel Bird Feeder….Features

* Lifetime Guarantee
* 16 oz. capacity
* 6 feeding ports
* Bee & ant resistant
* Easy to clean
* Includes brass rod for hanging
* Raised ports divert rain
* Top-rack dishwasher-safe

This review is from: Aspect HummZinger Excel Bird Feeder
This is THE best hummingbird feeder on the market today! It’s made of LEXAN and can either be pole mounted or hung by its sturdy brass hanging rod. It’s the easiest to clean because the interior is completely accessible, no bottle brushes necessary. It doesn’t drip, it has an ant moat, the recipe for nectar is molded into the inside cover, bees can’t get in, and the birds love it too! I have 6 of these and can attest to their durability. A few of mine are several years old and still going strong. Other bird species besides hummers land on the hanging rod and slide down to drink the water from the ant moat. You just CANNOT go wrong buying this feeder.

Order the Aspects Hummzinger Excel Feeder today and solve all of your insect feeder problems at the same time.

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