Amethyst Woodstar hummingbird


The Amethyst Woodstar hummingbird (Calliphlox amethystina) is one of the smallest of hummingbirds and is found mostly in the central and eastern parts of South America.

It  is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana,  Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela.

It likes subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and moist tropical mountains.

The hummingbird gets its name from its amethyst colored throat. The male Amethyst Woodstar hummingbird has a white band of feathers across its chest a straight black bill and a forked tail.

The female has a shorter forked tail and is a whitish color on her underneath parts. The female has a brown-orange breast and a white throat with green spots

The world’s fastest heartbeat belongs to the Amethyst Woodstar hummingbird at 80 beats per second having been recorded. Over 50 beats per second is not uncommon for hummingbirds.

Being a small hummingbird with short wings makes it a proficient flier, behaving like a bee. The male  wing beats have been measured at 80 per second  and 70 per second for the female.


male Amethyst Woodstar hummingbird


female Amethyst Woodstar

Amethyst Woodstar  video

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